[Saint Laurence]

St. Laurence’s Roman Catholic Church

Diocese of East Anglia

Parish Priest:
Fr. Simon Blakesley
(Tel: 07946 390060)

91 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1XB
Tel/Fax: 01223 704640
Email: office@saintlaurence.org.uk
Office opening times: 10am−1.30pm Monday to Friday

Rev. Geoffrey Cook
(Tel: 01223 351650)


Greet arrivals at Mass, especially newcomers. Hand out Mass and hymn books, newsletter. Answer enquiries. Arrive early to prepare. Tidy up after Mass. Volunteers welcome.

If you would be willing to help please contact the parish office or welcomers@saintlaurence.org.uk


Saturday 6pm − Rob Beckwith

Sunday 9.30am − Rosemary Simpson, Mary and Tom Lachlan-Cope, Chris Scott

Sunday 11am − Teresa Campbell