[Saint Laurence]

St. Laurence’s Roman Catholic Church

Diocese of East Anglia

Parish Priest:
Fr. Simon Blakesley
(Tel: 07946 390060)

91 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1XB
Tel/Fax: 01223 704640
Email: office@saintlaurence.org.uk
Office opening times: 10am−1.30pm Monday to Friday

Rev. Geoffrey Cook
(Tel: 01223 351650)

Emergency Prayer Line

Contact: Pamela Sephton

As its name suggests, the Emergency Prayer Line is there for people who are experiencing some sort of crisis in their, or their loved ones’, lives. This could be the prospect of a major operation, having chemotherapy, someone going missing, real trouble in a marriage, loss of sight, depression and mental illness, finding that one is terminally ill, etc.

How does it work? Well, in the Parish Newsletter (and below) there are several telephone numbers. When you phone one of them, all you have to do is tell the first name of the person for whom you want prayer, their age, and say what the trouble is. Your request will quickly be passed on to about 30 people who will pray for you, and go on praying.

It is always appreciated if you could phone again later and say how things are going.

Never hesitate to get in touch: you can be sure that the Prayer Line is completely confidential.

Cambridge 276577 − 354060