[Saint Laurence]

St. Laurence’s Roman Catholic Church

Diocese of East Anglia

Parish Priest:
Fr. Simon Blakesley
(Tel: 07946 390060)

91 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1XB
Tel/Fax: 01223 704640
Email: office@saintlaurence.org.uk
Office opening times: 10am−1.30pm Monday to Friday

Rev. Geoffrey Cook
(Tel: 01223 351650)

The Open Meetings Facilitation Group

In early 2024, we aim to replace the work of the Facilitation Group with new arrangements for lay involvement in Parish management.

The Facilitation Group has one main task: ensuring that the things we agree to do at our regular Parishioners’ Open Meetings get done. This includes things like: making sure social events get organised, coordinating small improvements and tidying-up around the church and grounds, and publishing information to the Parish. The group also helps to prepare for upcoming Forum meetings, by helping to finalize the agenda and make sure that the information and presentations needed for a useful meeting are prepared.

Current members are: