Minutes of St Laurence’s Parish Forum : 20 May 2010

Fr. David Paul opened the meeting with prayers.

The meeting commenced at 8p.m. with Jim O'Sullivan in the Chair, and eleven parishioners.

1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Anne Maddocks, Mary Watkins, Rev. Geoffrey Cook, Pat Cook and Sr. Pat Robb.

2. Minutes of the last meeting

It was hoped that everyone present had seen the minutes which are placed on the notice board in the Narthex, and on the parish website. There were no comments and they were agreed as a correct record.

3. Matters arising

The Parish Handbook is nearly ready for publication, waiting for Fr. Cleary. Jim Scally needs to be included as Gift Aid contact, and Catholic Families Mailing list is also to be included. 100 copies are to be printed in September. It was agreed a few years ago that updates would be agreed and placed on the website.

After 22 years Jenny and Sean Martin are giving up the running of the Tradecraft stall. They are not asking anyone to take over as the goods can now-a-days be bought in the shops. They were thanked for the sterling work and a letter from the Parish Forum would be sent to them. Paul Simmonds asked if a small stall could be held to have a presence. It was agreed that the work had been done - St. Laurence's were the first Parish to have such a stall. It was suggested that something should be placed in the Newsletter once a month to encourage continued fair-trade shopping.

4. Parish update

Fr. David said the Parish Room, corridor and Narthex had been decorated. Iriel McGinley is getting boards to put on the walls in the Parish Room for notices so that nothing is placed on the walls. The Finance Committee have a rolling programme for repairs etc.

Fifty children will be making their First Holy Communion (two will be in India) starting on Sunday, 30th May and concluding with the Going Forth Mass on Sunday, 11th July 2010.

The Bishop will be here on Tuesday 29th June to confirm sixteen teenagers and four or five adults.

This was Fr David’s final meeting. His last Sunday (when he will say all the Masses) will be on 11th July. On Monday, 12th July there will be a 9.30 a.m. Mass at the School. Final Mass is on Wednesday, 14th July followed by a party at the School. He will be leaving the Parish on 15th July. He will be moving to Ipswich towards the end of August and his Induction will be on Friday, 24th September (Feast of Our Lady of Walsingham).

Fr. Cleary will be coming on Thursday to have a look round and see the School. He will move in on 23rd August and will be starting the last Sunday in August (29th). His Induction will be on either 13th or 15th September (depending on the Bishop's availability due to the Pope's visit). Possibly have a reception in the School. Fr. Chuk will hopefully be here for all the holiday. Suggested that a coach might go to Ipswich for Fr. David's Induction.

Mary Watkins has suggested having a Parish day for Fr. Cleary to meet members of the Parish, possibly the second Sunday after his Induction. A display by all the groups in the Parish could be set up.

The School expansion has received the necessary funding and building should start in March and the new entry scheme taking place in September 2011. All this depends of what the new Government's budget proposals are for education. St. Laurence's is, however, top of the list.

5. Report on Diocesan Council of Laity

Jim O'Sullivan had attended the Meeting which had focused on the subject of priestly vocations. Other subjects discussed included children’s liturgy. The Bishop spoke on vocations and about how the Diocese promoted vocations. It was a positive meeting.

The meetings are held twice a year. Paul Simmonds asked if anyone could attend as an observer. Jim will ask about this.

6. Implementation Group

The Group was formed to ensure that decisions taken at the Forum are carried out. Half a dozen people attended a meeting after an appeal was made for those interested to be involved. It will also monitor action taken at previous Forums, what had happened and what had not happened, will help to arrange ideas for Agenda for next meeting. Group of 6/12 in number to meet at least once between Forums.

Karen Rogers made the point it needs the support of the Parish Priest. Fr. David to mention to Fr. Cleary. See that any action gets done. Needs representatives from all the Masses.

It was suggested that there should be a speaker at the Forums, suggestions were: speaker on the role of the laity, vocations (a coach will be going from the Parish on 10th July for the Ordinations in Norwich), changes to the liturgy (which take place next Easter).

It was agreed that the Group was going the right way. Paul Simmonds agreed to continue to coordinate this group.

7. Any other business

Karen Rogers brought up the matters of the proposed abortion advert that is to appear on TV. It was suggested that people could register their opposition at the Daily Mail website, which has a feature on it.

Fr. David was thanked for all he had done during his thirteen years ministry at St. Laurence's. Father thanked the Forum, saying that although it had not always been an easy journey, he felt the forum was now very positive and supportive of each others views.

8. Date of next meeting

Fr. David will ask Fr. Cleary for dates for the Parish Day. The next meeting may take place towards the end of September.

The meeting concluded at 9 p.m.